I write, erase, rewrite
Erase again, and then
A poppy blooms.

– Katsushika Hokusai (19th century)

Everything what has the beginning has the end. But only to give the energy to something new or invest into continuing of something prospering. And looks like the certain chapter in life of Monument is coming to an end too: March 2023 is the last month for Monument Premieres. And the projects which will get the time and energy needed are events, Monument Festival and activities, record label. There is a city edition of Monument Festival already happening in April, check it out, tickets are up for a grab: https://fb.me/e/3SjQ1RLzd

We thank you for many years of your support, attention, kind words and feedbacks!

And while we can, let’s look back at the tracks we have featured in Monument Premieres during February 2023. As always, all of those EPs are already released and you can purchase them on all the platforms!

Enjoy the beautiful music vibrations, friends! We’ll meet again, some time, somewhere, in the vastness of this Universe.

Hevlaran – Road [Modern Fate]

Cøre & Einerlei – They Just Let You (Varuna Remix) [Sungate]

Anomali – 2, 4, 5 [Fur:ther Sessions]

Linn Elisabet – Challenge Me [47]

FLAWS – Code [Knowledge Imprint]

Vanoni – Rizoma (Claudio PRC Remix) [OSLATED]

Zemög – Fisiltilar [Whispering Signals]

Slak – Under Control [Lab Music]

Aöcram – Perpetual Movement (Biri Reinterpretation) [Aöcram]

Sepian – Echoes [Technologia Organica]

Laertes – Spazio Tempo [Shurale Records]

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