The Team

Henning Karwowski


A visionary techno head with deep love for the music. Currently developing and organizing Monument. Full of ideas. Always on the dancefloor.




Evans Campbell


Kenyan | Shaman in urban outfits | Record collector | Music-obsessed | Living for late nights and long days

Roberto Facchini

Techno Hunter / Writer

Techno & Gin connoisseur

Miranda Emerald

Lead Author

Brighton, UK // DJ // Writer // I like the Alien movies and collect sneakers


Web Developer

Dennis is our key resource for web development, back-end, wordpress configuration, backups, and everything else that keeps our webpage running.


Video designer and promo assistant. Vj and music producer based in Oslo


Arthur simply loves music; from classic rock to Norwegian black metal to Detroit techno and Chicago- house, the harmonies, rhythms and originality are all that truly matter. As a musician himself, Arthur brings a passion for reconstructing elements of songs that he feels would stand up and strongly connect with the listener. Arthur also produces techno and DJs under the moniker of ‘the Kid Inside’.

Miranda Moen


Norwegian writer. Interested in the stories behind music and club culture - different scenes, the people on the dancefloor. Idealist and activist.

Mitch Hung

just some asian guy writing about music

Zachary Croft


Writer and Musician based in the Pacific Northwest.

Agathe Magnussen Wathne

Traveller on earth, diver in space. Graphic designer with deep love for techno, dancing and yoga. Currently running on Instagram and focusing on our design.