Monument is an innovative techno music platform, community, and event series operating in both digital and physical space.

Our online magazine and podcast series aim to promote and showcase both well- and lesser-known artists, festivals and events, as well as facilitate for a closer connection between the listener and creator.

We offer a reliable platform where we bring our audience news and relevant content about upcoming shows, releases and what moves within the community, as well as having a two-way dialog and contribution.

We are a multicultural, fast growing and dedicated team united from all corners of the world, aiming to make techno music more accessible for a larger and even more diverse crowd.

One of our main goals is to open up for more listeners to enjoy the techno genre, expand the scene geographically and lower the threshold for more enthusiastic souls to contribute to the worldwide techno community.

We support the underground. Festivals, clubs and artists you won’t hear about elsewhere. Places where techno is being carved day in and day out.

We are Techno.