With the deepest care and passion, we work all year round to bring you a fresh, diverse and high-quality selection of artists. Since our debut, the goal has remained unchanged: offering, by inviting DJs and live acts from every corner of the world, a soundtrack that keeps evolving, surprising and providing exhilarating party vibes. Music that intrigues, connects, and will take you on a memorable journey in our incredible Norwegian forest.

Azu Tiwaline hybrid

Azu Tiwaline draws a great deal of inspiration from her roots. Steeped in the trance-inducing and spiritual qualities shared by both Ivorian and North African musical traditions, the Tunisian producer distinguishes herself with a unique voice that interlaces a great breadth of sonic influences.

To make it short, Azu has some of the most unique music in the scene, a fusion of the contemporary and traditional: from Berber music to dub techno and bleeding-edge UK bass. Something that might be tricky to picture, and that is absolutely worth experimenting live.

Babe Roots live

Rare are the artists that mark their genre in a long-lasting way. Bringing Jamaican reggae-dub and Sound System music to a whole new level, Babe Roots are well on the road to achieve such a feat. The Italian duo has created and refined their very own style of minimalistic dub music over the last years, and the outcome is nothing less than profoundly majestic.

Dub music on a big outdoor sound system is a real treat, and to say that we are looking forward to feeling their vibrations resonating in the forgotten valley is clearly an understatement.

Celadon, Dani & Irimias

A nerdy trio of diggers hailing from Stockholm, working with passion on gathering and playing the most exciting, freshest electronic sounds. Catch them starting the day off on Saturday, delicately easing you into what will be an incredible musical journey of a day.

Eric Cloutier

Eric is an exceptional DJ who we’ve admired for many years. His commitment to deep electronic music during his career of more than twenty years is a testament to his integrity and authority as a selector.

We have seen him many times over the years playing in a broad range of situations; from all night long club sets to the legendary Labyrinth Festival in Japan, yet one thing has always shone through – his commitment to digging for obscure, unknown tracks and somehow making them work in one seamless mind-bending narrative. His skill behind the decks and his ability to create truly deep journeys is really something to be witnessed and made it an easy choice for him to close out Monument Festival 2023 with a bang. We can’t wait for him to show us how deep his record collection goes.

Lara Palmer

Our dear Lara Palmer threw down an incredible set in the dwindling hours of our 2021 festival, and people have been asking for her return ever since. We are therefore more than happy to have her back behind the booth this summer.

Lara is a highly skilled selector who perfectly blends grooves and atmospheres, function and hypnotism – certain to cause proper dance floor mayhem.

Mohammad Reza Mortazavi live

While we have focused our eyes and ears on electronic music for the first 3 editions, it feels right about time to bring other sounds to Monument festival. How about going all the way to the very roots of human-made music: drums?

For several years, we’ve been fascinated by this legendary musician hailing from Iran named Mohammad Reza Mortazavi. Himself fascinated by the diverse sounds of tombak and daf, he has created a very unique music, based on a constantly changing movement in which the boundaries of body and mind dissolve into one another. It is pretty much impossible to translate to words, but his special concert on the main stage will surely be a unique and memorable experience.


Since we discovered the deep, psychedelic yet surprising & challenging sound Nelly has been promoting over the last years, we knew she would have to come and share it with us in our beloved Norwegian forest. And that special moment, as the sun starts to disappear over the mountain and the dancefloor becomes illuminated with lights and bodies, will surely be the right time.

Reptant (live)

“Everything started out in 2016 with a 303 clone.” Slowly building from there, Lou Karsh – better known as Reptant – has made a long way since. The Australian producer constantly expands upon the classic sounds of acid, electro and techno, while maintaining a consistent and recognisable sound.

A fresh jump out of the 90’s and into the future – this is what awaits us when he’ll perform live at Monument Festival 2023.

Roger Gerressen

Master of dubby grooves behind the decks or in the studio, co-creator of ESHU and now owner of exciting labels such as Irenic & Autodidact, Roger Gerressen simply knows how to provide the goods in all sorts of ways.

He has developed his skills as a selector and crowd pleaser from a young age, and it’s hard to imagine a more fitting DJ for an afternoon deep groove session. Bring on that beautiful dub techno vibe!


From cosmic, spherical ambient to tribal grooves and melodies, Saphileaum takes the listener to expeditions as above, so below. Resident of Tbilisi’s respected Khidi club, Andria is a true virtuoso when it comes to producing and playing organic yet electronic sounds.

We have entrusted him with the important role of opening up this year’s Monument Festival 2023, and have no doubt that it will be an absolute perfect match with our Norwegian forest.


Severja – formerly known as Jacopo – is the mastermind behind one of our favorite labels out here: Midgar Records. And judging by the number of Midgar shirts at our festival over the last years, we’re not alone 🙂 For those that were lucky enough to witness his DJ set at our 2021 festival, you know he’s also an amazing DJ and can rock a crowd in a seamless genre defying style that very few can master.

This summer, Severja will be showcasing his versatility as a selector by playing a downtempo set full of deep oddities. Expect the… unexpected?

Takaaki Itoh

Takaaki is a true legend of the techno scene. He’s been DJing for over thirty years and producing for almost as long with many releases to his name. Behind the decks, his style is like that of a surgeon: with his razor sharp blends and precise mixes, he creates truly mind blowing atmospheres that are delivered with blistering level intensity like no other.

Takaaki has been on our wishlist since our first festival edition back in 2019, so you can probably feel how excited we are that he is finally coming! We cannot wait to hear what he does on our incredible system in a peak time slot. Strap yourself in for this one: very high levels of face-melting potential.

Vera Logdanidi

Ukrainian artist Vera Logdanidi is one of the driving forces behind the local music scene in Kyiv, as a key member of the Rhythm Buro collective. No stranger to Monument events, Vera played an outstanding set at our City Festival earlier this March and we’re looking forward to her deep ambient techno sounds coloring the skies of our opening night.

Yan & Alfred Czital

Extremely active on the Prague scene with their parties, residencies and record label, the Harmony rec founders are unstoppable. And that is also the case when they gather behind the decks. In an exciting alchemy, they simply play killer grooves one after the other, in the purest back-to-back tradition. Which will be quite exciting as a closing to Monument Festival 2023’s opening night (:

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