Right part of cover photo: Geometrie Naturali crew

Neel and PRGM join forces for Mirabilis, the next vinyl chapter on Camera Magmatica. March 17th, three days before the official release, we are delighted to present one of the main tracks, Priapo. “Separating” from the rest with its temperament, the track has a well-received “bouncy” percussion. The uplifting motif further solidifies the overall purpose using quirky echoes and vibrations that produce a hypnotic resonance as the repetitive, drawing pumping keeps the elements around. These, then, perform in balance and perfect sync, while the chimes in the background delicately provide an organic take on the composition. Creatively, it seems that each producer had enough room for individual expression without overstepping each other’s boundaries. To conclude, Priapo is a fine example of stability and equality on many levels. In addition, we had a quick talk with Neel and PRGM about the upcoming release, which you can find below.

Release Q&A

This EP is the next part of Napoli Arcana vinyl series on Camera Magmatica. There’s also a reference to the mystic Neapolitan region, however, Mirabilis is dedicated to Piscina Mirabilis, which served as a reservoir in the Roman Empire. What gives this region a mystic touch and how Piscina Mirabilis connects to the overall aesthetic and sound of the release? What made you focus on that?

Southern Italy is a region rich in history and history has the wonderful ability to eternally speak to us through its heritage, both physical and spiritual. What fascinates us most about this ancient heritage, whether Greek, Roman or Saracen and so on, is its great emotional but also aesthetic strength, which also refers to the continuous encounter between ethnic groups, religions and cultures. Something that still continues in our region today.

While listening to Mirabilis, I quite easily lost myself in its ambiance and textures. How do you feel about the output? And more importantly, how did those atmospheric tracks come to life?

It all starts from a friendship that binds us beyond music. We often talk about more serious issues such as the social context, sustainability, the global scenario, especially in relation to the impact of man on the planet. And, you know how it works, what you think and what you talk about ends up as a translation of your actions, your art, your music.

Priapo, the track we selected for a premiere, differentiates itself in tempo and dynamism from the rest. And it’s caught in between two highly atmospheric tracks. What made Priapo a fitting composition to this EP and how was it made?

Hard to say “why”, the way we worked followed a rather natural and emotional flow. For the “how” we are both lovers and addicted to analog synthesizers. Almost the whole EP comes from the machines, from the energy that flows between us and the machines. Apart from a few sampled sounds, almost the entire album takes shape starting from this man vs. machine relationship.

There are two additional techno cuts, Misenensis and Leone, included in the digital format. What’s the story behind them and what separates them, in a way, from the other tracks?

The story behind this two tunes is pretty simple. We continued to work on some ideas even after deciding on the playlist for the 12” and we still this output “enjoyable”.

What was the collaboration like between you two? How did you synchronize your techniques and aesthetic?

As we said, our friendship has been going on for some time but at the end of 2019 we were seeing each other even more often. Even in the studio. So, we said: “Come on, let’s put something down”. Between November 2019 and February 2020 we had already put down material to make more than one EP. But, as we well know, from 2020 to 2022 seeing each other in person became a little more complicated which slowed down the progress of our work a little. But, in the end, if there is a connection everything works well, even if there are physical distances.

In your opinion, what would you consider as the highlight of Mirabilis? What’s its impact on you and the period you found yourselves when you started working on it?

Definitely our lunches and dinners spent together.

Talking about the future, what comes after the release? What have you gained that will help you move forward?

Friendship above all. That’s one of the few things we are sure of. For the rest … who can say what will happen?

The EP is available for pre-order in digital and vinyl format on Camera Magmatica Bandcamp.