Glasgow-native, deep atmospheric act Repart shares his wildly organic and vibrating music world in a colourful mix created for MNMT 361.

Repart is a DJ and producer who debuted in discography in 2016 with Moribund EP in Planet Rhythm. Since then, he counts many contributions as EPs and tracks in compilations for labels such as Wunderblock Records, Animal Farm, Deepbass’ Informa, his own Arcadia Audio, and, recently, in Fernie’s Space Textures. His involvement in the Textures 5 compilation with the track Sirius from the latter was a rightful occasion to reach out to him for an invitation to the Monument’s podcast series. Repart is also a member of the Orbits Glasgow event team, together with Deepbass and Fernie. After a successful first party in February, their next one comes this April. Finally, regarding his release schedule, Celtic EP will be out on March 5th on Arcadia Audio with tracks that gain inspiration from historical Gaelic figures.

As for his sound, the mix is a perfect example of where he leans most. His inspiration lies in the industrial and bleak surroundings of his hometown. Therefore, he uses his productions as a snapshot of these. Much like a mysterious blend of melancholic soundscapes with sudden or structured splashes of colourful bursts or layers. Occasionally, he injects hypnotic sedatives for a highly engaging sonic experience. On the other hand, he applies dancing motifs as another part of his productions, expressing his innate thoughts and aesthetic of underground and dark clubs. Thus, as he remains steadfast in his direction, expect nothing less in this more than hour-long mix. Enjoy the dive!

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