Cover photo: Julieta Garc铆a

Once more, we鈥檙e honored to present you with a new track from the upcoming release of Vanoni in Oslated鈥檚 catalogue. Our ongoing collaboration with Oslated, one of the top-tier labels out there, allows us to continuously host premieres from high-quality producers from all over the world. This time, we share Claudio PRC鈥檚 take on Vanoni鈥檚 Rizoma, included in the K贸shkil EP.

Production-wise, cut from a well-known and highly hypnotic cloth, the composition provides a finely-curated foundation for a spiritual convoy of dripping organicism and blurry atmospheric compartments. Their interconnectedness forms a thread of drifting sounds, speeding up and flourishing in an environment similar to the one that welcomes the cold mountain dew. The beat slowly gives shape to scratching peaks while the disorienting, aural repetitiveness storms in circles with the dawn鈥檚 mountainous breath encapsulated. As this sonic endeavor portrays a hovering, ethereal bliss over late-snowy, rocky terrains, it ends with a cold gust of wind like the winter鈥檚 last breath that marks the transition to a finer climate.

Release Q&A

How did you start making K贸shkil and what was on your mind during its  composition? Was there a different than usual source of inspiration, perhaps?

Andr茅s Vanoni: I’ve started doing the tracks of this EP between 2020 and 2021. We could say that the inspiration came a little too rooted from where I come from, where I was born and after a series of events that happened in my life and marked it during that time. I was born in Tierra del Fuego, the southest province of Argentina, and after a few years I moved to Chubut. Both provinces are part of what is called Patagonia Argentina, a region with a very particular climate and landscape.

That鈥檚 where the word 鈥淜贸shkil鈥 comes giving the EP its name. It was the way that the natives referred to the typical climate of the area; an aggregate, dry, for moments hostile, and austral wind. By that time Michael (Ntogn) also invited me to be part of the podcast series 鈥淭he Memoir鈥, so it was a boost and inspiration when it came to finish and give a final idea to the EP.

What does this release say about you and the work you鈥檝e done so far? Where does it  currently find you in terms of creativity? 

Every time I finish a project or an album or EP, I like to completely change the approach when it comes to work in a new material, as I also like trying new things through trial and error. I think that from that place I always get interesting things but, at the same time, I can keep my search and try to capture my personality and identity within each track. 

I feel like every launch is related to a specific moment in everyone鈥檚 path. So you never stop learning new things and that鈥檚 the most beautiful thing that this has. By studying on your own, sharing and collaborating with colleagues and friends, one is constantly nourished. Looking back I find such a growth not only personal but also artistic, and it shows in each launch. We change through time, we evolve, the influences and interests change, but the concept and the reason I鈥檝e started doing music is still the same.

Rizoma in Greek means 鈥渞ooting in鈥, staying in one place or routine and sometimes,  based on context, it is used as a sort of connection with people and things. What is  Rizoma for you then and how did you depict it? 

I represented Rizoma from a place more related to biology, you might say? Rizoma is the stem under the ground that over time is emitting roots and sprouts. I think that every title describes what each track represents and the message that I seek to convey. Similar to what I said in the first question about the meaning of 鈥淜贸shkil鈥, and where the album is pointing. It is also interesting and maybe that beyond what I tried to portray, each person individually can find a definition for themselves, as well as reading the meaning in Greek, I find that it鈥檚 not that far from what I wanted to describe.

As this is the track we鈥檙e premiering, would you like to describe your thoughts behind  Claudio PRC鈥檚 remix? Did it bring any new ideas or techniques to your territory? 

It is truly an honor that Claudio has participated in this launch. He鈥檚 an artist that, for some of us in the scene, is a master, a big inspiration. I had the opportunity to meet him here in Argentina for a showcase of Danza Nativa. To be able to hear his session was amazing, and also to share time and meet him. This made his participation in the album a huge value for me today. It gave it an approach very hypnotic and with a lot of groove to the track. It鈥檚 interesting to think how another person can give an identity and personality  completely different, but preserving the essence of what one originally created.

How would you compare yourself or rather your emotions when you started working  on the release and when you finished it? 

First of all, I wanted to thank Jong-min Lee for trusting in my work and opening his label鈥檚 doors to me. He has always supported my music and for years now we have been chatting and sharing from a distance. I live every event from the artistic side as an achievement, and each of them gives me so much joy. As it was with my first EP as part of Danza Nativa, the first time I鈥檝e been invited to record a podcast or even this interview, which is the first that I do and the first time that I talk about my music and my search behind it. This is my first vinyl launch and this accomplishment fills me with happiness. As well as the fact that two artists that I admire and respect, Claudio PRC and Shoal, are part of it. 

It might be a little bit early for what, but what are your plans for this new year after the  release on Oslated? 

Well, for the moment I鈥檓 about to finish a degree. I鈥檓 anxious about this and devoting my time to study. Once completed, I would invest more in my music because lately I have not been able to, and begin to work on a new launch. I鈥檓 also looking forward to working on the idea of my live set, but that鈥檚 a long term project. On the other hand, besides this EP, a split is coming out soon in conjunction with a great friend of mine which also has me very excited.

K贸shkil EP will be available for purchase via Oslated Bandcamp.