Starting his homonymous label, Gilmer Galibard makes his first two-track release there and shares the news with a live stream on our platform.

This new beginning outlines a project based on the audiovisual expression of personal experiences and stories. Through this initiative, each release from Gilmer will be a snapshot of a significant moment in his life. Specifically, the label’s concept is set to explore the boundaries of introspective musical experiences with sound design techniques as a tool that connects body and soul. With this personal take the producer exposes himself to something new. Moreover, by gaining whatever the label running can offer, he takes a major step towards a more active part on the music community.

Going through a period of uncertainty and big change, Gilmer wrote the tracks in Novaturient in order to capitalize on this situation. Meanwhile, the inspiration behind this is the “Book of Pleasure” by Austin Osman which played an important moment in his life. In the first track Novaturient (Rainforest Spiritual Dub), the producer’s experience in sound design takes form as the composition employs almost seven minutes of deep harmonics and metallic textures. While the background remains correlative, Komorebi (Getaway To The Sun Mix) on the B-side ventures into deep, industrial techno areas with light, organic percussion to make a delightful contrast.