Linny Hex stimulates an energetic hour of funky loops, versatile percussion, and mind-altering sound for MNMT 357.

Whether it be in Sweden’s established night clubs or the cusp of its underground scene, Linny Hex flourishes in the country’s emerging environments. Linny Hex’s exploration for speciality sound has made her sought after for live DJ performances. Her past experiences playing at festivals such as Into the Valley, Norberg, and Kontakt have pushed her curations to be everchanging, with selections from mind-altering soundscapes to percussive rhythms. In latest news, Linny Hex is scheduled to perform alongside Nastia in Stockholm (late February).

In addition to her live DJ performances, Linny Hex’s astute taste transfers to her very own imprint, Kvalia, by working alongside artists such as DJ Nobu, Psyk, Anthony Linell, and Blazej Malinowski to create a special hub of deeper sounds. As with upcoming releases scheduled in the summer 2023 (2d EP by Blazej Malinowski), Linny Hex comments that the label will soon experiment with future curations, including more dance-floor inspired subgenres.In MNMT 357, Linny Hex highlights blends of versatile elements, merging funky loops and mind altering sound. The lively mix invites a type of energetic exploration, charging listeners through engaging percussion. As the mix progresses, various tracks peak curiousity and fulfillment, with addictive patterns to compliment. Listen through, and enjoy the gems of Linny’s curation!

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