From the inner spaces of ://about blank‘s distinct venue, THNTS translates a methodical live DJ set to MNMT for an engaging hour of vibrant soundscapes and tangible design.

**This recording is in celebration for 5 successful years of ://Elements event series – hosted on 19 November 2022 in Berlin at ://about blank , showcasing a variety of highly dedicated artists -both established and emerging.**

As a force within Berlin’s local circuit, THNTS drives his experience as a sharp DJ, passionate curator, and ambitious event organizer in order to amplify forward-thinking sound to techno’s audiences. Over countless years, THNTS’ series ://Elements and ESCH have invited international DJs and Producers to share cutting-edge sound to witting crowds.

In his recent set, THNTS breaks from comforting atmospheres to obscure ingredients, pushing a range of familiar domains and surprising textures. His skillful blends between aquatic conditions and raw percussion demonstrates a deep curative library, allowing listeners to find seamless contrast as the set evolves. The hour and a half continues with thought-provoking selections, jumping into hypnotic realms of darker and warmer sounds, eventually cascading into a tranquil (but driving) conclusion.

As a well-versed DJ and respected personality, THNTS continues to provide quality perspective with his sound and efforts. Of note, his past interview with MNMT, provides insight into his thought process of industry, including his tendency for improvising and building his sets, ‘crate digging,’ and finding selections.

You can catch him play on the 4th in Leipzig for the label release of this new label from the nebula surroundings and in February with Reka Zalan in Georgia.