For the Monument podcast, the new year starts with a mix from Blazej Malinowski, an impactful force amongst the deep and hypnotic techno spectrum ranks, who delivers an hour of heavy-pulling drives and versatile ambiance.

The Polish producer has made a proper name in the scene, whether it comes to compositions, DJing, event hosting through the Why So Silent? audiovisual series, or even label activities as the founder of Inner Tension. His work’s results are numerous and seen on many releases among acclaimed labels of the genre, such as The Gods Planet, Semantica, Kontrafaktum, Affin, etc., but also a distinct presence in Europe’s best or most famous venues.

Pursuing his career and raising his standards, Blazej is on the right start to the year with an EP coming soon on Aquaregia in digital and vinyl format. Scheduled for the 13th of January, Moods EP will be his debut on the label and a creation that includes three original tracks and one remix from 747. In those tracks, he masterfully applies “corroding” contours over a dense, hypnotic field for a highly addicting outcome. With this release about to be released very soon, it was only natural to announce this news with a vibrant and well-arranged mix by the magic hands of Blazej himself.

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