This year’s last New Moon will unveil the transformation of the Lāsya project, starting as a radio show during the recent pandemic from Klara Vedis to a digital label. As change is only natural for beings and creative ways, so has the ideal chance for substantial new beginnings and transformations been found by the first release underway, scheduled for the 23rd of December. More will be unraveled during 2023 to achieve the label’s mark of five releases per year which will slowly build its aesthetic and character. Each of these is going to be decorated by macro-level photography of rare mushroom finds by Klara. But before all that happens, let’s dive into The Void EP and see how this tale of creation goes.

The opening title track resembles the place from where all life currents begin, the ungoverned cosmic nothingness. With its alluring atmospheric pattern, it courageously steps over the material boundaries to provide an elevated sense of mentality and existence. Paying homage to the universality of beings in the known reality, it captures this able-to-shape dynamic range and element vastness to conjure an otherworldly yet psyche-soothing spell. This enduring composition, supplemented gracefully by drones and subtle melodies, is provoking a mental curiosity to observe how this power of randomness can fabricate worlds and be an inspiration to create.

As the universe bases itself on the latter, the next step is to bring ‘Order in Chaos‘. Starting from relaxing and eerie pads, the track gradually gains shape and conforms to soothing loops and arrangements. Letting ourselves loose to this meditative frequency, we have our senses put into place and open up to an incoming stream of conscious abilities and feelings. The insatiable hues that dominate the sonic terrain and the sudden noise cuts enable our receptors for a wide awakening induced by the third-in-line composition.

The healing and redemptive power of ‘Eos‘ – the ancient Greek Goddess personification of dawn, the deliverer of light – makes its presence known through this track. Respecting its driving nature, it roams with its percussion to the mind’s edges, only to shine a new light and bring forth its illuminative energy. In an attempt to depict its force as accurately as possible, a sequence of impactful kicks employs successfully and complements itself, in addition, by warping string vibrations. The transformation, though, from something seen into something heard is not an easy task. However, the technique here sends off the darkness and describes by the track’s duration the long journey of penetrating and rebirthing light.

Surprisingly, the final chapter in The Void does not mark the end. ‘Forevermore‘ steers the composition’s course to endless repetitiveness, as does life til the end of times. The wobbling drips and grainy ambiance provide an imaginative reference to the creation’s volume – with its highs and lows – and vastness, respectively. Weaving a vivid composition with some nature-like touches, fairly-toned percussion, and a pounding bassline forms the impression of a distinct and constant movement of elements. This to-the-point approach depicts evolution and activities, internal or external, taking place in the environment but also shows the continuous strive of life’s transmutations and transmissions.

Klara Vedis and Solarythm manifest a high level of spiritual sound work as an exciting start for what comes next to Lāsya. Concerning themselves with the universe’s breath, the cycle of life, void, and light, they provide a memorable compositional piece. The simple outlay of the tracks is light and aetheric and inserts the proper amount of experimental, ambient, and deep patterns in conjunction and harmony with each other, giving a sense of completeness, vision, journey, and oneness.

EP will be released officially on 23rd of December and is currently available for pre-order via Lāsya Bandcamp.

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