As a visitor from day one, and a passionate lover of deep techno and nature, I felt very inspired to make a film about the festival and the place, as that’s my natural way of expressing myself and wanted to contribute to this creative and loving gathering of people.

My initial idea was to create something of an audio visual poem, where rather than showing highlights and give away all the mystery of the festival as is often the case with an ‘aftermovie’, it would be a film that would tease and invite people to delve deeper the magic of the forest, and most importantly, keep the mystery and magic of what happens in the forgotten valley.

During the week of filming and sound recording, Kenny (Shoal) and I spent the week recording imagery and sounds of the forest, to really integrate this into the film. One of my favourite things to do during the festival is to walk up the valley and where I can immerse myself into nature whilst still hearing the beautiful music resonate up the valley. As the filming progressed, the concept of rhythm started emerging. From a scattering of insects to a hill of ants. From swaying trees in the wind to ripples in the water, all things in this world live in a certain rhythm. I wanted to bring those together in a film, along with the dancers and the music, as that’s what we all share in common.

As a final word, I am so thankful for everyone who helped make this film. I am eternally grateful to Marit and the MNMT team for the trust and freedom I was given to create this film, and for helping make this happen. I am thankful to all the beautiful people I met and who in some way or another helped in the making of this film.

Vincent Rang