Tangram leads into an energized hour of contorted techno for MNMT 353, compounding lively direction with electric pulse to create a polymorphic sound.

Based in Cologne, Tangram has been active in his local scene and international circuit, supplying his immersive productions and DJ sets the past 15 years. Characterized as immersive with harder-hitting hypnotic elements, his sound blurs between the best of live environments and at-home listening. Tangram’’s productions have been listened to through multiple imprints, including Semantica Records and his very own Purify Records and TSP.

Jumping through MNMT 353, Tangram morphs sound from each end of techno’s trippier spectrum. Opening with textured atmosphere and deep emotive frequencies, the mix quickly opens up for wander. Shortly after, Tangram introduces twisted elements, including percussive grooves to compliment a speedy transformation. Throughout the hour, listeners are guided through shape-shifting drones, bendy loops, and energizing drives.