Journey is my home.

quote by Matsuo Basho (1644-1694)

Opening this article with the enternal quote by Matsuo Basho, the great master of haiku poems. Our journey has lead us all through the year, and here we are already in December. When the total darkness has covered our Hemisphere, when the winter has entered its rights, and when hope is the only one giving us light. And maybe some UV-lamps and candles too, it becomes so cozy inside, with the fires burning, and deep thoughts flowing. Hope you have something or someone warm to hold on to!

Isn’t that the best time to look back at the Premieres we hosted during past month of November 2022 and indulge yourself once again to those wondeful sounds and melodies. All of those EPs are already released and you can purchase them on all the platforms!

Enjoy the beautiful music vibrations and we meet again same time, same place, but different Premieres in the next month.

Markus Suckut – Alter [Sungate]

Duncan Macdonald – 55.9685 [Low End]

Mary Yuzovskaya – Cozy [Kvalia Records]

Saïph – Questions

Sindh – Ujjain [Sindh]

Deepak Sharma & Cory James – Gowanus Taps [Deepak Sharma]

Space Drum Meditation – Dance Of Tandava [Space Drum Meditation]

Positive Conundrum – Diamond Grinder [CMD CTRL]

Vishal Unni – Rarefact [Qilla Records]

Nils Edte – Oniri [Indefinite Pitch]

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Featured image creds: Alexander Lopatnev – Wild.Forest.Residents gallery: