Relying on its creative vision that includes organic, deep and mesmerising sound streams and patterns, Vanta is the guest of MNMT 352 with a two-hour-long selection that channels the force of his imaginative explorations with mind-captivating echoes, wavering rhythms and graded loops.

Set on a journey to discover uncharted sonic territories, Marvin Hoyer, under the banner of Vanta, roams the horizons to unearth the hidden scrolls of mental, stimulative, and atmospheric sounds. Even from his first musical steps being under the influence of metalcore and hardcore, he took great delight in the aspects of electronic and experimental music just as much. Hoarding as much as he could from his initially favourite genres, Vanta keeps the impulsive and impactful rhythms while weaving a mesmerising, dark, and eerie environment for the listeners. This feature can be felt and heard both in his DJ duties but also on his productions. Keeping it straight with his pursuit, he established a highly acclaimed and sought-after name, starting with personal releases and appearances, locally and abroad, since 2019. So far, his six EPs released on Charybdis, Deflection Music, KVLTÖ Records, and Proselytizing provided a concrete base for his current work in progress for an innate, intimate, and signature sound. Easily, throughout these releases, one can distinguish constantly improving and evolving patterns along with a distinct sense of mysticism and deeply engaging atmospheres, building brick by brick his creative vision while further exploring the edges of the known sonic universes.

With reference to his background as described above, it’s an honour and a delight to invite Vanta for the next act of the Monument podcast series. Thus, his two-hour-long MNMT 352 mix contains all the necessary elements to know his work, take a glimpse into his vision and participate to an extent in his imaginative expeditions. Highly satisfying, this selection brings out the producer’s beloved hypnotising frequencies to steer the constantly pumping power elevations over high peaks and into dark depths. The transformation of sound to a world with its graceful sonic chant sculpts an organic surrounding that appropriately reflects Vanta’s aesthetic explorations. A meticulous amalgam is then slowly buildi on granular waves and loops and moves on the rails of the rolling percussion with its pauses and graded tempos, which leaves room for an overflowing feeling of inbound forest energy. The soulful setting that shelters the pounding is used charmingly as a conduit to colourful yet electrifying noise hues. Deep from the heart of the podcast’s very natural and warping essence, the outline of its wavering rhythms and haunting pulsations provokes a tidal emergence of emotions with the prolonged assistance of mind-captivating echoes.