Upcoming on Kokölò Records is the Bad Habits EP from Alfonsvs, who is returning to his production duties, and we are happy to host the premiere of the opening title track from the release. Set on an energetic temperament on steadily pumping percussion patterns, Alfonsvs brings forth a sense-uplifting piece for late-night dancefloor experiences. A warm composition forms gradually through hypnotic dives along clean and deep passageways, further relying on helical sub-distortions that, eventually, achieve a mind and body participation balance. Unconsciously yet heavily engaging us to its rhythm, this track penetrates through waves of stimulating echoes on our not-so-frail desire for motion expression.

Release Q&A

Your previous work has been “44th Romance”; after five years, you are returning with another EP. How did you spend your time between these two releases and where did your thoughts lead you?

During these past 5 years, I have been lucky enough to explore life through different perspectives. Sometimes guided by music, other times dedicated to other projects. However, all experiences have been enriching, and all people I have met and places I have visited helped shape what I wanted to communicate through sound. COVID lockdowns have also played a big role. The two years in which clubs have been closed, gave me enough time to understand where I would like to take my music. I understood that even though my back catalogue is quite diverse, like my DJ sets, I felt that in terms of music production I should be delivering something more personal, and in this EP there are some hints about where I am heading.

How does it make you feel to be back on track with the production process?

It feels pretty liberating, to be honest. In the past 5 years, I haven’t stopped making music and experimenting. However, not always have these productions been in line with what can be used in a club context. At the moment, the music I am releasing focuses more on impacting the dancefloor. Nonetheless, I am always trying to communicate something with each track I produce… Sometimes a feeling, a situation that triggered some kind of inspiration, an influence someone had in me… Anything goes. And to be able to do so, and still create moments on the dancefloor… that’s the best feeling.

Bad Habits, the title of the upcoming EP, includes two original tracks and one remix. What were the influences and the ideas behind them and what’s your view on Answer Code Request’s take?

When producing this EP for Kokölò, my idea was to make music for the dancefloor that had a taste of my influences, not focusing on “the sound of the past” but looking ahead instead. The label’s ethos is quite appealing to me and that is also why me and Adriana Ruas have been involved with Rave Child since day one, on the planning of Kokölò’s direction. I feel Patrick delivered a very interesting interpretation of the original track. He turned it into an entrancing loopy journey, and with the anti-generic structure he built, his remix will surely pass the test of time.

Our premiere is on the title track, Bad Habits. What made you choose this name and how it connects with you and what you composed?

I believe that in life we all have our very own “Bad Habits”. When I was shaping the bass sound, and the lead that works with it, they reminded me of some of those. Besides, the overall aggressive saturation applied to the drums transmits an energy that is very suitable with the title of the EP. 

How would you shape your sound from now on? Is Bad Habits a new start for you?

I have got a couple of releases lined up for the near future… Let’s wait and find out! 😉 

The EP will be available on digital format via Kokölò Records Bandcamp.