Ø [Phase], one of the most prominent London techno acts, transmits flawless dance vibes for the next part of the Monument podcast series, merging fresh and highly adored arrangements in an electrifying sequence.

With a discography spanning over two decades as Ø [Phase], Ashley Burchett has played a vital role with his consistent presence in the scene. He is well-known not only for being a DJ and producer but also with his involvemen in artwork designing and sound mastering, starting with the latter at Sony Music London in the late 90s. That’s when among rock and pop records, he began his own compositions. As a long-standing key figure to the genre’s movement in general, his sound remains as steadfast as innovative. Set on a consistent journey of carrying the torch of UK’s underground essence, he is, in parallel, knitting a sharp and polished edge able enough to polymorph his output as desired – a result that continuously challenges his audience. Having an undisputed technical mastery, he steadily keeps harvesting the fruits of electronic music’s broad spectrum with a much desired artistic fervour.

Regarding his work, his debut 12” Module Overload came to life at the dawn of the second millennium on Steve Bicknell’s Cosmic Records. As an artist, he later gained the trust of Token Records, which led him to create his own label called Modwerks. Although widely known for his solo project, he has also formed collaborations with Luke Slater and Matrixxman called Roog Unit and Phyxix, respectively, releasing their own material. Moreover, he joined forces on a production level with UK’s famous Underworld and has remixed tracks from Robert Hood, Scuba, and Rødhåd while still storming venues and festivals worldwide, such as ADE, Berghain, Dekmantel, and Fabric. Adding to the previous mixture a long list of singles, EPs, and, so far, three full-lengths, he has more than earned his place as one of the most important, impactful, and respected names of the UK’s techno scene.

Based on what was already written and, most likely, our personal experiences with Ø [Phase] on decks or through his records, his mix could not be any less than expected. Enkindling, once again, his roots and influences, he weaves a stylized tapestry of sounds, the likes of which linger in the most authentic warehouses. Tidal-like, twitchy, and string-pulling loops are swivelling just to cross paths with subtle yet mysteriously flirty grooves and conjure, in turn, a palpitating dance-floor-oriented atmosphere cultivated on a much beloved space-like theme. Despite sounding a bit ominous at times, its compelling throb presents an attractive way of merging pure, sensational old-school motifs with daringly fresh outbursts. Track by track, the selection is delightfully switching pace as it playfully changes “locations” among the gradually demystified techno terrains.

FB: https://www.facebook.com/ashleyphase
IG: https://www.instagram.com/phase_modwerks
SC: https://soundcloud.com/ashley-phase
Bandcamp: https://phase-modwerks.bandcamp.com/