Even if summer ended a couple of months ago, there is still a way to enjoy the season’s vibe once again. Although eager to bid farewell to what it offered us this year and organise ourselves for what’s coming up next, the right music is enough to help us commemorate those lovely experiences. For this occasion, we introduce you to a label that has something fresh, clean, and rather mystical. Combining images from North Aegean’s island of Lesvos with distinguishably atmospheric compositions, the Greek collective USM Recordings presents a unique video mix showcasing their sound and character. Mainly consisting of tracks from their latest compilation Future Soundscapes II, previously released and upcoming creations are also used in order to align their sonic dynamic in this thoroughly crafted selection.


  1. Wild Anima – Persephone
  2. Pâris. – Revma
  3. Patterns of Life – Mantinada
  4. Kobzev & Crys – Prinzenallee 0
  5. Icarus in love – Theatro W1
  6. Rlct – Altered Impressions
  7. AgainstMe – Enthalpy
  8. Mic Meimaroglou – Invisible Space
  9. Aithale – Mirror Steps
  10. Tokageroh – Routina
  11. Icarus in love – Amphetamine Dreams

The label

The label’s roster is formed and bound by mutual values such as the shared vision, transparency, egoless expression, empathy, and freedom, found on an artistic and, of course, on a personal level. Accordingly, the electronic sounds offered through their catalogue have a distinct yet discreet nature. Those sounds resonate comfortably and are applied gently to the careful listener while being rich and inclusive in their broad spectrum. This essence, release by release and consistent with its cause, paves the way to a different, unexplored path leading to the collective’s shared core, and rendering it vulnerable to exploration. Regardless of having limited releases per year, there is enough output for someone to perceive how they manage to keep their mindset focused and imaginative in terms of production and artistic personality.

Future Soundscapes II

Their latest release, as already mentioned in the first paragraph, is Future Soundscapes II. Following the direction set in the first compilation, this one also maintains the emphasis on diverse musical environments. By setting up diversity, those collections ensure a safe space for experimentation that is not relying on a dancefloor orientation. Therefore, this provides the chance for the invited artists to explore and compose on their personal terms, harmonising with the general essence and vision of the collective. Specifically the compilation has, in total, seven tracks which explore the boundaries of rejuvenating ambient structures and their output once combined with complex rhythmic patterns.


The shots on the video are from Skala Eresou. A seaside village in Lesvos and the birthplace of Sappho, the infamous ancient Greek lyric poet. The choice of this place was due to its vast energy currents, mostly stemming from the nearby petrified forest in Sigri. The site is, additionally, marked as a designated and protected natural monument. Created by successive volcanic eruptions, the fossilised remains add an unusual, primordial feeling complemented by the beach’s cliffs and rocky terrains. The land’s natural history and its illustrious archaic past have made a pact with the compositional and mind-freedom we are listening to, inviting us for a delightful and refreshing trip through image and sound.

Website: https://www.usmrecordings.com
SC: https://soundcloud.com/usmrecordings
FB: https://www.facebook.com/usmrecordings
IG: https://www.instagram.com/usmrecordings/
Bandcamp: https://usmrecordings.bandcamp.com/
Formaviva: https://formaviva.com/usm-recordings