MTRL’s distinct sound is mixed through a kaleidoscopic journey of radiant beats, atmospheric waves, and deep grooves.

Expounded by a drive for artistic vision, MTRL (Material) works among multi-medium to compliment both audio and visual experiences.

As a co-founder and creative visionary for IO Recs (along with Polygonia and Dycide), MTRL has helped innovate the imprint through his originality. Characterized as transformative, wakeful, and deep and hypnotic, MTRL’s sound induces thought-provoking themes.

Each project evokes visual stimuli in unison with the soundscapes – creating a lucid image for listeners to explore. MTRL’s past releases have been featured on various record labels such as Lowless, solid Shape and AGOS.

For MNMT 346, MTRL takes listeners into tactile fields of radiant beats, atmospheric waves, and deep grooves. Opening the mix with intensive tribal beats, the journey quickly immerses listeners to an organic cause. Followed by playful atmosphere, MTRL effortlessly shifts the tone to guide through various scenery – altering between deep patterns, addictive grooves, and sprinkled percussion throughout!


lunar convoy – k3I
Space Drum Meditation – Reign (Konduku Remix)
ABSIS – Static Trip
Crossing Avenue – Mekong
Doltz – Hatemade
Vardae – Blue Iridium
Tiki Fuko – Pirahan
Dåggêr – Drift
Silentio- La Chapelle
Unjin – Stranger Than Tomorrow
Mersel – Down 108
JC Laurent – Overcome
Elle – Where is Elle
Repart – Sinism
Victor Zala – Tiraspol
Psyk – Hiss
Feral – L’Aube rouge
ORBE – Eurofighter Typhoon
VC-118A / Mohlao – Endless
矯激 [Radical] – After A La Cantina
Felix Fleer – It’s ending
OREINOI, SAPR & Groov Mekanik – Synergy (Groov Mekanik Mix)
Delusional Circuits – Zak
Adiel – Mad
Rene Wise – Hollow
Wrong Assessment – Emily and her guide dog
Tessela – Swimming
Tekra – Limitare
Arkajo- Vamp