In this autumn,

Why I get older?

The clouds and birds.

haiku poem by Matsuo Basho (1644-1694)

We are slowly moving towards the middle of autumn, and storms have already caught up with us. This time of the year often calls towards deeper thoughts and feelings: “why I get older?”, “when is the winter coming?”, “should I listen again to that track which took me daydreming another day?” 🙂

And we in Monument are here again with our monthly recap article of premiere tracks we featured during September 2022 – so you could go back daydreaming, find source of new energy and motivation or just enjoy the music of newly discovered or all-time favorite artists.

Here is the list of Premiere tracks we carefully selected for you during September 2022. Enjoy the beautiful music vibrations and we meet again same time, same place, but different Premieres in the next month!

Dominik Fröhlich – Izanagi [Hakiri Records]

Cio D’Or – Zentrifugal Q [Kynant Records]

Ma Haiping – XX 8 B [Molecular Recordings]

Abstract Division – Alpha State [Dynamic Reflection]

Foreign Material – Eulogy Of The Sun [Annulled Music]

Sanna Mun – Chiaroscuro [Katabasis]

The Alchemical Theory – Waterfall [UNHEARD]

Bruno Caro – Algoritmo Maldito [30D Close Encounters]

Albert Van Abbe & Jochem Paap – Wandel [Avian]

Tetelepta – Halsterenstraat [ESHU Records]

Desroi – In Rites [Sublunar]

The Vision Reels – Aconites (Owl Submergence) [Huinali Recordings]

s/h/u/y/a (Shuya) – Spectral Norm [KR3 Records]

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Featured image creds: Alexander Lopatnev – Wild.Forest.Residents gallery: