Summer is over, long live the summer! The time is unapologetically moving forward, and we have to silently obey and follow after it, even though it feels that it’s run is faster and faster with each season. Slowly entering into the soft autumn, let’s look at the summer months and remember their best moments together with the music which we’ve listened to.

In this recap article you will find the list of great tracks we in Monument premiered in June and August of 2022 – all as always carefully selected specially for you.

Azidax – Rythm To The Rythm [Deflection Music]

Simone Bauer – Halo [Melantónia]

Altinbas – Adda [Observer Station]

Estrato Aurora & Siarem – Zeta II Reticuli [Sungate]

Deepbass – Sietch [Northallsen Records]

Atomic Moog – On a misty night [Lowless]

CTAFAD – Chiaroscuro [CTAFAD]

Scøpe – Salty Fluid [Scopavik]

Kohra & Midnight Traffic – Temple Tree (Save Your Atoll Remix) [Charybdis]

Zemög – Danza Trascendental [Tepuy Records]

Lyder – See Of Thought [Jazz-o-Tech]

Toki Fuko – Narration 4 [AFFIN]

Smoley- Andromeda [CINUS]

Gëinst – Achillea [Intervision]

DJ Sodeyama – Spiral [Artscope]

Markus Suckut – Tunnel [made of CONCRETE]

John Plaza – Crónica [Space Textures]

MSDMNR – Final Landing [MSDMNR]

Viels – Intus Vacuum [Attic Music]

Suhasya – Cut in Half [Unknown Movements]

Dycide – Nean [IO]

SHFT – Voodoo [Qilla Records]

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Featured image creds: Alexander Lopatnev – Wild.Forest.Residents gallery: