On April 14th, LF58 performed at Hangar, as part of the program of the first edition of Mostra Festival in Barcelona. LF58 is the formidable live electronic project founded by Giuseppe Tillieci AKA Neel, and multi-disciplinary artist Filippo Scorcucchi. Fascinated by the possibilities offered within the realm of experimental and ambient music, continuous research has led them to increasingly boundless and mystical sonic territories. The like-minded duo began their collaboration in 2015, officially presenting the project two years later with their first release on ASC’s Auxiliary imprint. The scope of the project seemed tacitly clear from the outset – far inter-planetary expedition and rigorous philosophical inquiry. Elegantly interwoven by one another, the modular systems they have built strike the balance between soul and machine, combining to create one body of intelligence.

photo credit : Elena Blanco, Studio XXIX


Bandcamp: https://astralindustries.bandcamp.com/album/ai-19-alterazion
Website: https://octopus-agents.com/lf58
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Mostra Festival

MOSTRA FESTIVAL celebrated its first edition in Barcelona with a total of 1000 attendees. At #Mostra22 we were able to enjoy four days of musical performances More than 35 hours of music programmed in Hangar and Castell de Montjuïc and a total of 27 artists during the second week in April. D.Humo, Nueen ,LF58, Nono, Timnah Smmerfeldt, Perila, Neel, ABSIS, Massa,  Balmat DJs (Philip Sherburne and Wooky), Ylia, LOG (Perila + Ulla), Inertia, Vand, Laura BCR, Aleja Sánchez B2B Reggy Van Oers, Vicki Siolos, Alicia Carrera, Paula Koski, Cobahn, Estrato Aurora, Claudio PRC and Patrick Russell.

However, Mostra’s project for Barcelona goes beyond becoming a music festival that takes place one weekend a year, as we have shown in previous months with the #MostRadio radio programme and the #ExtraMostra events. In this sense, during the week of #Mostra22 we also organised the Mostra’m conferences with three workshops that responded to the festival’s commitment to local, inclusivity and sustainability, together with L’Automàtica, l’Observatori conta la Homofòbia and ReRoot; as well as the first Fira of vinyl shops and exhibitors in Barcelona to continue networking with other important players in the city’s scene.

The conscious choice of suppliers is another of our distinctive features compared to other projects and has been a differentiating factor in this first Mostra edition. Because we believe that another type of event is possible, our preference for working with organisations and collectives from the social and solidarity economy in Barcelona, or with other suppliers that are aligned with our values, will be there today and always.

Mostra22 is now history, but the organisers wanted to share the satisfaction of the whole team for having managed to organise an edition like this in practically five months and with such an unfavourable pandemic context until relatively recently. After all these months of work and uncertainty, it was an immense joy to see so many people together dancing and enjoying the music we love in two locations such as Hangar and Castell de Montjuïc in Barcelona. It was a trial by fire from which we came out proudly happy, and Mostra is in fact a new cultural proposal for the city of Barcelona that is here to stay.


Website: https://www.mostra.barcelona
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LF58 performance was recorded by @subradio.

In a scene as active as the one in Barcelona, we seek to bring to the surface the sounds that make the city vibrate from below. This is how SubRadio was born, with the aim of generating a reference space for the local underground scene, promoting its intelligent consumption, and giving visibility to as many of its parts as possible: DJs, producers, VJs, light designers, graphic artists, events, festivals, crews, labels, record shops or venues among many other possible.

Today, after more than a year of lots of learning, amazing performances and around 40 episodes, we also receive artists or projects from various parts of Spain and Europe, making the exchange and the energy even greater. Audiovisual experiences for the body, soul and mind livestreamed from their home, @suburbia.bcn, for the love of art made with love.


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