Complemented with mystic roots and lucid character, The Alchemical Theory translates esoteric sounds into an immersive set.

Formed with unique character in 2018, The Alchemical Theory combines an extensive palette of tones from each of the three producers; Kill Acid On Space, Unclear, and Øyvind. The Italian-born union pushes forward-thinking introductions to each release, fusing deep undertones with mystic hints and alchemy with nature’s tools. In each release, The Alchemical Theory speaks to a primal theme, drawing listeners to become entranced in the story. The group has been heard on acclaimed labels such as Affin, Circular Limited, Oslated, Subosc, and Illegal Alien, among others.

For MNMT 341, The Alchemical Theory completes a ritual through their signature esoteric sounds. Listeners are met with inviting atmospheres and playful pads, welcoming an immersive experience to participate. Soon after, the mix takes a turn, showing listeners a hidden tunnel into explorative space. Deep drones and sharp ceilings pick up intensity to guide the experience back to baseline.

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