Coming up next on MNMT 339 is Yuval Goren, also known as Yogg, with his colourful selections, showcasing richly textured musical environments where all of his favourite elements skilfully mingle for a remarkable result.

Considered as one of the leading figures in Tel Aviv’s techno scene, Yogg’s soundscapes are characterized by a dynamic, groovy approach that leaves enough room for experimentation and ambient additions. His musical influences provided him with an edge of elegance, a feature that makes the selections in his sets so notable. Having created Parallax Records back in 2014, he managed to maintain his musical signature, ensuring the freedom to explore further and produce in accordance with his own standards. His experience over these years can be emphatically seen on the mix he delivered to our podcast series, for which we invite you along to a very special journey.

Starting off with an ethereal ambience that keeps us hovering, Yogg offers his eclectic touch for a smooth transition into a break-like sequence. Shortly after, the groovy patterns that are slowly building up are enriched by chimes and swooshing cuts before the heavy, rhythmic bass lines come forth. During their course, the steady kicks graciously act as a railroad to the circulating and invigorating wobbling. Then, drilling carefully to deeper atmospheric levels, we dive along and face the polyrhythmic percussion that dwells there. Staying underground and continuously discovering, we find a dim, yet thick pulse with slight grains of noise. The tempo is slowly firing up to a heightened edge, showing the way “upwards” and stripping us bare as we move into a flaring trance. 

Our ascension is then greeted by high-pitched sonic probes, employed solely for our awakening. As we move away from the previous depths, the kicks get heavier and stronger tapping on an almost frantic rhythm. Once the pace is settled, Yogg invokes fading in-and-out elements to add an even darker tone on his multilayered canvas. For the penultimate act, distorted, almost disturbing, vocal samples forebode our “escape” by luring us into bewitching and calming melodies. Although starting and ending with soothing atmospheres, this mix presents a rich sound, one that is so masterfully used to playfully explore “unvisited” corners, only to induce a feeling of liberation through different manifestations of tension.

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