Monument is here again with premiere recaps article. It’s so good to take a moment to look back at ourselves, our time and at all those beautiful tracks we featured during past month and take a moment to enjoy them once again.

Please find below the list of great new music we premiered in the month of April 2022 – all carefully selected specially for you.

The Alchemical Theory – Algorithm [UNHEARD]

MTRL – Taris (Mary Yusovzskaya Remix) [Fur:ther Sessions]

Tamburi Neri – Ricordi [Danza Tribale]

Answer Code Request – Shattering [Delsin Records]

Kletis – Decay [Accents Records]

Absis – Flying Over Me [Oslated]

Xanexx – Fading of Delusion [SCOPAVIK]

FRJ (Estrato Aurora Remix) [JFR

Pattrn – Rosa [Initiate Records]

Deano – Brainwave ll [Knowledge]

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Featured image creds: Alexander Lopatnev – Wild.Forest.Residents gallery: