Ten years is a significant milestone in any record label’s lifespan. Not many make it that far in the first place, and many more will find that their best years are behind them. This is definitely not the case for Spain’s non series, which only seems to be getting better and better as time goes on. To celebrate the anniversary, they have released diez., a 12-track compilation that brings together a selection of label artists and associates, all delivering variations of the deep, dark and minimal sound for which the label is known.

While the label has released both dance floor weapons and more ambient-leaning, home listening material, this compilation focuses on the former, with each track ready to fit into a DJ’s record bag. The general sound palette is dark and minimal, with heavy use of drones to develop melody, syncopated percussion, subterranean low-end, and touches of distortion. Ryogo Yamamori’s “Zw”, Yogg’s “Chicken Nest” and DJ Nobu’s contribution all showcase this sound, with “Void” by Feral taking a particularly sparse approach to it, all bass, crackle and barely-there synth twitches.

More straight-forward, driving techno is also present here, like Orbe’s “Isolationism”, a bleeping, whirring bit of sci-fi techno, or Neel’s “Naeba” with its skittering melodies and percussion. While most of the compilation is more mid-paced, Sciahri’s “Resin” ramps up the speed for a particularly urgent six minutes with a cinematic edge created by swelling synths. Other personal highlights are “Tuttaltro Club” from Distant Echoes with its unique melodicism and “Sun Cure” from Biri that has a strong UK bass influence, carrying itself similarly to an early Livity Sound track.

The label boss himself, Psyk, is represented on the record by a tobias. remix of “L3”, a track off his very first non series EP. The original deep acid track is given an unique, funky bounce. A similarly groovy showing comes from non series regular Luigi Tozzi, whose minimal “Atacama” feels almost deep house-esque.

diez. is a great snapshot of non series, showing how much mileage and variation you can get out of a style with the work of talented producers. There is something here for anyone who enjoys the deeper strains of techno. diez. is available now in digital and physical formats from Bandcamp.