Launaea builds on meditative ambience, pleasant texture, and welcoming sounds in a playful hour for MNMT 326.

In 2018, Launaea quickly marked his creative style through the release of ‘Paisaje’ EP under his own imprint, ‘From A Lost Place.” The distinct sound presented notable uplifting and spacey loops, teasing a contrast within the hypnotic domain. In future releases, Launaea’s remained cerebral while touching upon tribal elements accompanied by layers of welcoming textures and complex melodies. Launaea eventually exported his sound to Kizen Records, Oslated, and whispering signals.

For MNMT 326, Launaea orchestrates the hour with meditative principle. Slowly building from the tranquil ambience, the sound drifts in and out of pleasant textures and welcoming sounds. Despite the calming elements, the duration adds groovy design to compliment Launaea’s distinct take on hypnotic techno.

Looking forward, Launaea has an upcoming release planned on Semantica Records, a vinyl EP  co-production with Alfred Czital, and a collaborative project with Vision Reels.

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