Upcoming in April, Barcelona’s Mostra Festival will feature Estrato Aurora – showcasing a live set of improvised components, deep basses, pads, and sequences.

For more than two decades, Jaime Romero (aka Estrato Aurora) has experimented with analogue machines and improvised equipment. Having jumped around multiple layers of subgenres, he has also been a member of the Pajaro Dune project together with David Ortolá. As his modern sound leans into hypnotic fundamentals and experimental design, Estrato Aurora’s productions have been released on many labels such as Oslated, Bliq Rec, Appian Sounds, Alpenglühen, and On Board Rec.

Between April 11 – April 17, Estrato Aurora will bring an original liveset to Barcelona with unreleased works and improvised sound. With a goal to trap and hypnotize the crowd, expect relentless grooves from dense baselines and trippy textures.

Mostra aims to create a unique festival experience alongside local artists and international names. The Barcelona-based promotion aims to contribute to its community using 3 axes – local, inclusive, and sustainable – representing a forward-thinking effort to progress the scene.

This year’s edition will host 2 non-simultaneous stages;

In the morning to afternoon – dedicated ambient music to drift through and gaze.

In the evening – rhythmic and danceable music, including downtempo and deep techno.

ABSIS -Live- (Hivern Discs, On Board Music)

Aleja Sanchez (Northhallsen Records)

Alicia Carrera (Maga Circe Música)


Claudio PRC (012)


D.HUMO(Escala de Grisos)

Estrato aurora -Live-

!nertia (TELEMORPH) -Live-

Laura BCR (On Board, Semantica, SoHaSo)

LF58 -Live- (Astral Industries)

Massa (hidden traffic)

NEEL -Hybrid set- (Spazio Disponibile)

NONO (Delicalisten)


Patrick Russell (The Bunker New York)

Paula Koski (MONUMENT)

Reggy Van Oers (Telemorph)

Timnah Sommerfeldt (Amenthia Recordings)

Ulla SRAUSS & Perila present LOG -Live- (Experiences Ltd)

Vand (ISOTOOP/Alpenglühen) -Live-

Vicki Siolos (Bright Patterns)

Ylia (Animah Records, Paralaxe Editions

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