On Women’s Day 2022, Yukari Okamura directs an expressive set, complete with driving patterns and dark tones.

A perceptive curator, deliberate DJ, and innovative producer, Yukari Okamura is known to bring intangible energy to all her projects – leaving a mark on her domain. From her widely successful livestream on Monument in 2020 to all the productions after, Yukari has remained a consistent talent in each feat. Her releases under Semantica, Circular Limited, OVUNQVE, Occultech Recordings, Aparat Rec, and Oslated depict a fusion of euphoric and psychedelic techno, being described as “distinctive with her captivating and attentive sound design.”

For MNMT 322, Yukari Okamura expresses darker undertones in a generous 1 hour and 45 minutes. Building from ambience to driving rhythms, deep drones to icy synths, the duration covers sounds from techno’s obscure corners. Directed in seamless mixing and purposeful track selection, listeners are immersed right in. Enjoy!

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