S-Pill delivers a surplus of gems ranging from playful pads and atmospheric frequencies, to mind-altering drones of spacial design for MNMT 331.

From South Korea, S-Pill is a forward-thinking DJ, often times blending between deep, minimal, house, and techno. In the past, S-Pill has been featured on podcasts such as Oslated and Munitum, showcasing an array of sound – each time differing. Without limitation, his sets often surprise from a contrast of organic sounds to synthetic pulse.

In MNMT 331, S-Pill constructs a welcoming hour and a half of gems from differing corners. Focusing on playful rhythm towards the beginning, S-Pill carefully leads into the journey. As the experience progresses, so does the sentiment. Eventually graduating towards deep drones and spacial ‘bleeps’ and ‘bloops’ the listener is quickly drawn into an intoxicating dance!

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