Closing out 2021 with intensity, Developer introduces the New Year on MNMT 317 with rolling kicks, hypnotizing percussion, and intoxicating synths.

Little has to be said regarding Developer when so much can be heard. Having appeared on MNMT in the past, listeners are familiar with the specialty he brings, whether it is the technical mastery or unique track selection. Each production and performance is filled with fresh sound.

So…with high praise and universal feedback from last year’s featured podcast on MNMT, it was no question – Developer needed to come back! As no stranger to both the casual and connoisseur of techno’s listeners, Developer is known among many corners of the contemporary. Beginning his journey in the 1990s Los Angeles techno scene, Developer, known also by Adrian Sandoval, grew his name around the local circuit with his innovative track selection and mixing prowess. Eventually producing under his label Modularz , Developer brought forward-thinking selections to surface, alongside notable artists Oscar Mulero, Takaaki Itoh, Exium, and Edit Select.

In MNMT 317, Developer warps the years end in a timeless journey with mind-bending tunes and an energetic pulse. Equal parts tranquilizing and hard-hitting, the diverging combination falls easy into
grasp. Enjoy!

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