Credit: Rachel Israela

Growing up around drum and bass in central Germany, Naty Seres started DJing at intimate gatherings, bringing the vibe of her background into her sound. From there on, a deep love for all things rave, technology and electronic music culture led Naty to become a main organizer for the legendary Freqs of Nature Festival, where she was responsible for co-programming the techno and electronic lineup among the whole creative concept of the festival.

Producing music came later, from an early leaning to produce music with computers, Naty was later drawn to modular systems and began experimenting. She abstracted from the vibe she was creating on dance floors and allowed a focused vision to guide her early releases for Atmophile Electronics.

In 2021, Naty formed a new label, Never Not Now, with a group of friends in Berlin. Inspired by lifetimes of eclectic taste, the label transcends any specific sound, instead offering a free, creative outlet and a platform to support each other’s ideas.

Today she presents her 10 current favorite tracks.

1 – Joy Orbison – Red Velve (XL Recordings)

2 – Ossx – Split Wig (OSSX)

3 – Timebase feat Kromozone – Unity (Boogie Times Records)

4. – u.r.trax –  Race Against The Time (Lobster Theremin)

5 – Instinct – Apache (X0113) (INSTINCT)

6 – Bakey – Take it further (Shall Not Fade)
7 – Regal feat Z.i.p.p.o. – Run (JKS Remix) (Involve Records)

8 – Incident Prism – Gang Bounce (Molekül)

9 – Tensal – Alien Sapphire (ARTS)

10 – Martian 044 – The last Stand (Red Planet)