dc11 is a French producer based in Paris, focusing on modular synthesis as a tool to make deep, organic techno based on repetition and micro movements. His influences range from the repetitiveness of krautrock to the heavy texture of doom metal via the techno minimalism of Mike Parker. Modular synths really struck a chord with him as it allows him to stumble upon ideas, refine micro loops and build texture. After a live stream for Resilience and a live show at Pan D’Or festival dc11 aims to bring the modular grooves to the stage. 

Today, he presents us his 10 current favorite tracks

1) Troy – Yokai (KEY Vinyl)

Troy constantly pumps out amazing tracks, but this one really resonates with me. The raspy, loopy stab coming in at 0:35 really makes the track.

2) Joey Beltram – Ball Park (Steve Bicknell Remix) (Tresor)

Got the vinyl on a whim at my local record store the other day because, well Steve Bicknell. I’m a total sucker for these plucked synth lines. It could come out today on Float Records and still be fresh.

3) Sindh – Nun-Kun (IDO)

I really like what Valentino Mora does, as well as is super well curated label IDO. Here’s the latest release by Singh. Deep, deep stuff.

4) Mike Parker – Reduction (Geophone)

Hard not to slide a Mike Parker track in there, might as well put the latest reissue. The Unreleased on the B-side is killer too, but this one has always been one of my favourites. What a total boss.
5) Jacobworld – Cycle (OOM/Float)

One of my new favourites. I love the aesthetics and sound of Float records, and Jacobworlds fits right in there, pounding, deep techno with all the influences I love.

6) Casual Treatment – That Night at the Jazz Club (Hayes)

This one is a real ear worm. I love the distorted Rhodes. It’s super groovy, really wasn’t what I was prepared for when I first played the ep. Love to be surprised that way. The rest of the ep is also a stunner, but this one is really

7) Zvrra : Society (Avian)

I love Shifted music, also love a good chunk of the Avian catalog. This one navigates a bit of the grey area stuff while still being very Avian…one of their best recent releases I’d say.

8) ASC – Pollen (Trauma Collective)

I love me a good 10min ultra loopy track. It’s mind-blowing to me how productive ASC is, with basically only top tier releases.

9) Inherent Stasis : Laminair Flow (Data Roaming)

Had to put a plug from my own little record label in here. Love what they’ve done with the track. I’d love to hear the tension building break on a big sound system.

10) Spherical Coordinates – SCJKN-13 (Pole Group)

Earlier this year I’ve been a bit obsessed with all the Spherical Coordinates releases. This is a reference point in production values to me. I’d love to have my stuff sounding even remotely close one day. Deep, cycling, moving,
everything I love.