For MNMT 315, Stefan Vincent engineers a mechanical landscape of techno with flavors of IDM, glitch, and experimental.

From Amsterdam, Stefan Vincent emerges as a curator and keen surveyor of contemporary techno. Combining a deep knowledge in the techno spectrum with technical mastery, Stefan has gained support from labels such as Traut and Dynamic Reflection, and artists such as Laurent Garnier and Jeff Mills. Looking ahead, Stefan has an upcoming release on Dec 16 as part of the Label, “Something Happening, Somewhere” compilation titled “SOMEWHERE V.”

On MNMT 315, Stefan introducers listeners into architecture of unique construct. Finding balance between techno and its electronic music counterparts, the mix often shares elements of IDM, glitch, and often times breakbeat sounds, flirting with experimental corners in mechanical sense. As the generous hour and a half opens listening, listeners are treated to newly discovered hybrid-sounds.

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