For MNMT 313, Raroh directs atmospheric harmony and rhythm, escaping the listener into an ethereal symphony. 

From Warsaw, Poland, Raroh produces and DJs in distinct personality, merging unique elements to create complex stories. Touching on various designs – from ambient to drone, and hypnotic to misty – Raroh’s technique has been described as “oscillating,” constantly testing the borders of each separately. With the goal to engage listeners or an audience, Raroh constructs a coherent dialogue through music, translating spatial patterns to immerse into.

Having a history of performing live alongside musicians like Blazej Malinowski, Milena Glowacka, Birds Ov Paradise, Retina.It, and Vril, Raroh has participated in festivals such as “Up To Date Festival” and “Slovenian Mladifest.” Alongside such, has been his impressive catalog, released in the form of several vinyl and digital Eps on sought after labels Unknown Timeline, and most recently on No Way Records – including 12” split with Głós. Looking ahead, Raroh has a few Eps in the works over the next year, and one to be announced on Melbourne-based label Aythekos. 

On MNMT 313, ride the ethereal wave of atmosphere and float into each harmony from Raroh’s possession!

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