From mental patterns to raw elements, Kwartz compiles a cerebral journey for MNMT 312.

Born in Madrid – now based in Berlin – Mario Campos, AKA Kwartz is known for his highly imaginative works, consistently producing styles that border many of techno’s deep corners.  Not long after his first releases, Kwartz’ creative and fresh sound quickly gained the attention of esteemed artists, beginning with Exium and eventually PoleGroup, where he remains a regular contributor.

With an extensive catalog in acclaimed labels such as 47 (Tommy Four Seven’s label), Mord Records, Semantica, Horo and Warm Up Recordings, Kwartz has remained both a gem and staple in underground communities, staying true to his personalized sound. In 2016, Kwartz created Order&Devotion, an imprint to “move between dark atmospheres and deep and visceral sounds, all surrounded by rhythms designed for the dance floor.”

For MMNT 312, Kwartz constructs a cerebral experience, introducing experimental sounds in both mental and textural fashion. Through the duration, Kwartz invokes an array of sense – at times, tightening the air, covering it with pressurized frequency to build energy only to build further with warped sounds to compliment. Made with dance-floor energy, but equally as satisfying in any environment, this podcast is a treat, through-and-through !

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