Native from the middle French land, vinyls activist from 2000’s ending, A.Silentio started to make music to work one’s way up on his local scene before to be part of the new young Parisian’s scene with the Moebius/Drom group. Based in Lyon, he was the first head of Partition Libre team, who made some events with artists such as Mike Parker, Kangding Ray, Neel, Korridor, Dimi Angélis, or Takaaki Itoh just to name some of them.

Resident artist and part of Château Perché Festival and Perchépolis label as Artistic director and Stage Manager, he’s influenced by the organic and psychedelic wave and artists as Sandwell District, P.A.S, Muslimgauze, Donato Dozzy and more.

Photo: Léa Broquerie

Today, he presents us her 10 current favorite tracks

1- Muslimgauze – Muta Safavid (Muslimtapes records)

2- Space Drum Meditation – Roots feat Messias Messiah (Space Drum Meditation records)

3- Mike Parker – Heat Inducer (Kynant records)

4- Echoplex – Destinated Path (Dark mix) (Soleil records)

5-  CØRE – Impossible to Understand (Accents records)

Upcoming on 15.10.2021

6- Vangelis – We Were All Uprooted (Digital Minds records)

7- Toki Fuko – Osmium (Submersive records)

8 – Amarou – Pas Chassés (Perchépolis records)

9 – James Ruskin – Correction Centre A (Blueprint records)

10 – Orphx – Fault Line (Semantica records)