For this episode of MNMT Recordings we are excited to release Kaspiann’s live-set from @Elements x Sektgarten @ ://about blank in Berlin performed on 4/9/21 .

From Helsinki, Finland, Kaspiann DJs and produces with intrinsic interest in the icy textures and glacial landscapes of the northern country. Often drawing from weightless atmospheres and deep rhythm, Kaspiann uses the raw and brutal elements of the physical land to capture a scene. Though not an easy task, Kaspiann’s productions made their way to avid curators and casual listeners alike-with releases on The Gods Planet, Planet Rhythm, and Etherwerks to name a few.

For this session , fly over the unpredictable and icy textures of the northern land and explore what depths the sounds escaped from as Kaspiann pilots a gem-filled hour of atmospheric and driving deep techno. Beginning with ambient works, Kaspiann pushes on progressively to wonky patterns and pulsating rhythms; at times… making the listener pause to find the ID…. But resist for now and embrace the inevitable groove!

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