Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after the other.”

Walter Elliot

Artist: Various Artists (Compilation)

Album: Charity Compilation II

Label: From A Lost Place / Whispering Signals

Release Date: August 25, 2021

Here we are – one year after an ultimate test of humanity’s survival..

Even though the erratic light at the end of the tunnel seldomly flickers, nudging us of a woeful past – It’s various states of illumination warms the hearts of the many limbs which stem from the tree of humanity.

These present days are conquered by the most courageous individuals, the ones who bear the most strength. Because to exist is to suffer and to live is to disintegrate, by why else are you a doleful soul?

I am here to present to you a special project curated by the wonderful souls from the “From a Lost Place” and the “Whispering Signals”imprint; this collaborative effort is the second installment of a Charity Compilation with the vision of contributing and relieving crisis’ we face as a human society. 22 artists from all walks of life have come together to formulate a series of depthful & hypnotic recordings that serves as a call to aid for 3 recent issues that have come to surface:

Fundacion Feminicidios Colombia

A Contribution to the Cultural Growth of Children in the Colombian Pacific

The Human Rights Organizations that seek to protect and help women and children affected by the recent events occurring in Afganistan

Among these 22 artists are storytellers such as: ASC, the Whisper Signal’s founder Daniel[i], Forest on Stasys, Shoal, and From a Lost Place’s founder Launaea. Each track carries you on a trip down memory lane – Reminding the listeners on how far they’ve come, kickstarting the warrior’s heart into overdrive with their emotional tones and prominent musical accents.

As time moves throughout the days and nights of our collective perspective, I hope you can have the awareness to remember to slow things down and appreciate all of the wonderful blessings around you. I hope you have the insight to identify your loved ones, and I hope you have the heart to tell them what they mean to mean..

For life is short, and the night is dark and full of terrors.

The Charity Compilation II by From a Lost Place & Whispering Signals was released for purchase last month (August 25th 2021)

We thank both imprints for reminding us about the importance of human decency, and how it correlates with the various forms of Deep and Hypnotic Techno.

This is the music that moves us – the music that thrives us – the music that binds us.

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Whispering Signals

From a Lost Place