Hypnotizing grooves, immersive drones, and cerebral frequencies capture a lucid world created by Worg, during a live set recorded in studio for MNMT.

Based in Rome, Italy, Worg has built a reputation for his innovative sound design and keen ear of developed sound. With releases on Illegal Alien Records, Circular Limited, and Lowless, to name a few, Worg’s distinct style brings a fresh perspective to well-known imprints. Often creating a dystopian setting to accompany the wonky and cerebral sounds in each track, Worg naturally immerses listeners into his creations.

Creating a space to export his sound and others alike, Worg grows his vision through his record label, Lykos – focusing on the mythical. Within seconds of exploring Lykos’ catalog, the focus of merging aesthetic and sound becomes unavoidable. For each piece of cover art, the audio interprets it perfectly, drawing the listener into the world of both.  Of the 4 releases, the label has featured highly-acclaimed artists such as Ness, Laertes, OutpostLive, Deepbass, and Svarog, among others.  

For MNMT live section , Worg showcases intimate techno sound with peculiar noise. His unique grooves and immersive elements welcome interpretation through the generous hour and a half. Step into Worg’s mythical soundscapes and be transported into a bed of frequency!

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