Cinematic, sprawling soundscapes await to take the listener on a journey in Kontinum‘s MNMT 308 podcast.

Kontinum has developed an unique deep style of techno inspired by the hypnotic sounds of the Leipzig techno scene. In 2017 Kontinum co-founded the collective Nebula and has released on labels such as Controlled Violence, Lowless and Agos, establishing a distinctive and percussive sound of dark techno that’s clearly his own.

With a label starting up in 2022 that is planning to put out six releases per year, as well as a debut album on TGP  coming out  in the next weeks, Kontinum is becoming a force to be reckoned with in the modern deep techno scene.

MNMT 307 is a two hour odyssey that takes you on a journey from dubbed-out murky depths to sleek dancefloor cuts. Ending with an unexpected melodic touch, MNMT 308 is perfectly suited for both headphones and the dancefloor.

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