Hakan Çepni is a producer and dj, based in Istanbul. Since 2018, he has been regularly performing his modular based live and dj sets within the Istanbul techno scene.

Last summer Hakan participated in the compilation album, “in_vurt”, released by Cassegrain, and released tracks on labels like Vurt, Corridor Audio, and [R]3volution through the year. These are greatly thrilling days for Hakan, as his Ambient/Experimental debut album on Feral Note is hitting the shelves in September.

Today Hakan presents us his 10 current favorite tracks.

1- Pan Daijing – Let 七月

2- Paysage d’Hiver – Im Kaelteschauer [Kunsthall Produktionen]

3- Ekin Fil – Let Me In [VAAGNER]

4- Ena – Secondary Color [Arma]

5- Magna Pia – Giants [Feral Note]

6- Undveld ‎– Protokol [offworldcolonies ltd.]
7- Sam KDC – Holomorph [Self Released]

8- Xanexx – Morph [SCOPÁVIK]

9- Sciama – Umbra [Auxiliary]
10 – Old Sorcery – Sorcerer’s Dream [Garavluth Records]