Sonic explorer and vinyl collector Zemög has been an active DJ since 2012 with residency in several clubs in his hometown Pereira (Colombia) and has played with several well known international artists.

As composer he made his officially debut in 2019 on From a Lost Place label with ‘Vuoto EP’ , followed by releases on Ordinamento Selettivo, Circular Limited and the last one in the italian label Different Exhibition where he was remixed by the first time with nothing less than Claudio PRC.

His project is deeply inspired by mountain ecosystems and indigenous cultural and musical environments composing Ambient, Deep Techno, Tribal and Dub taking as a sound source modular synthesis, field recordings and captures of aboriginal and meditation instruments.

His mixes and original work very often shows mystic organic minimalism, tribalism and deep environments representing the beauty of meditation and mental expansion. He is also co-founder and visual artist of Matteria, a collective that makes electronic music events in Pereira, Colombia.

Today, he presents us some of his 10 favorite tracks ever.

  1. Wanderwelle – Her Name is Vairumati [Silent Season]

Let’s start with the Dutch duo and their clever way of composing Ambient and Dub. His album “Gathering of the Ancient Spirits”, my favorite, has taken me through mystical places. This track, with its dancing marimbas and percussions, is a perfect environmental tribal harmony that invites you to dance around the fire, in a primitive trance.

2. Voices From The Lake – S.T. (VFTL Rework) [Prologue]

Probably my favorite duo, it is a project that I deeply admire from the day I discovered it and it has maintained its influence. All his works explore many architectures of electronic sound. “S.T” is the jewel of the freshest and most melodic side that Neel & Donato can reach, always taking advantage of their characteristic Acid.

3. Valentino Mora – Extravagate (Transfiguration Phase II) [IDO]

Valentino is for me today a great spiritual guide, his sound so lush and virtuous, so Deep and Tribal. When it comes to creating generative grooves with modular systems, he puts everything in place to elevate the soul and meditate. While his entire discography is incredible, “Extravagate” faithfully represents the deep and melodic delicacy of his versatile compositions.

4. Dorisburg – Uncertainly [Northern Electronics]

When we talk about tribalism and melody, he is the one my ears go to. A composer who always surprises me with every release. With its perfect grooves and filtered percussions, melodious pad-shaped horns, and polyrhythmic modular sound. The perfect combination. “Uncertainly” is a track that I can listen to at any time, place and situation. It always fills me with calm.

5. Deepchord – Lagonda [Soma]

The deepest artist I know, his way of making Dub is unique and incomparable. Countless layers of sound, pronounced bass, chords as melancholic as they are fresh, whispering grooves and abstract textures. When I roll “Lagonda” on my turntable and close my eyes, I just completely submerge myself. The whole album “Aura Tones” is a gem.

  1. Dino Sabatini – Trance State [Outis]

The mystical trance state is something common in the music of Dino, probably the artist who has made me deepen the most in the tribal and shamanic sound. “Trance State” is a total mystical journey, its particular groove and wobbly guitars take you to a healing ritual, a hallucinogenic journey, a sound trance.

7. Mike Parker – Hiss [Dozzy Records]

The king of less is more. Mike is a futuristic synthesizer in every sense of the word, he uses his modular minimalism creating with few generative grooves that you could spend hours listening to. His sound is precise and unique and he only needs a few very well modulated elements to make us immerse ourselves in his hypnotic world. “Hiss” originally released in 2000 is true to its musical timelessness. It sounds as futuristic today as ever.

8. Marco Shuttle – Alpha [Semantica]

Marco has been very important in my sound. He is an incredible sound designer and creates deep cinematic atmospheres. His music could easily be part of a science fiction movie as well as playing in the middle of the night at a club or an open air festival, it is a sound that connects anyone. I already lost count of how many times I have played “Alpha”, it is a track with a very mystical scale with cyclical rhythms that increase the corporal tension.

9. Korridor – Taotast [Northern Electronics]

Generative and hyper-modulated techno music. Korridor never lets anything play without being faithfully processed by LFOs, he is a lover of not respecting 4/4 rhythms, generating off-beats so immersive that they cause mental trances. “Taotast” is a futuristic and deep jewel, its pads and synths, accompanied by a rhythm that is difficult to process, take you to a utopian and surreal world.

10. Donato Dozzy – Cleo [Eerie]

The mentor. The artist to whom I have the most respect and admiration. He is an expert sequencer, an absolutely versatile artist. It doesn’t matter if is Dub, Deep, Tribal, Techno, IDM, D&B, Downtempo, he’s always going to sound flawless. “Cleo” was a love at first listen, bringing together all his virtuosity in one track: acid, melodic, eclectic and deep. It is a sonic ecstasy.