With soundscapes to transport into a world of surprise, Stian Balducci and Kjetil Jerve perform a striking improvised and original liveset for Monument.

As distinct artists, the two Norwegian producers have delved into various projects with their own flavors. Through their most recent collaboration on Dugnad Rec entitled Tokyo Tapes: Piano Recycle, strong hints of both styles can be grasped completely by the listener, exposing the forte of each. In anticipation, the collaborative liveset on MNMT is a peek inside the two creative minds.

Stian Balducci, also known by his moniker +plattform, has shared his work alongside some of techno’s most recognized artists and labels including Gynoid Audio – with a remix by Dax J, Stanislav Tolkachev, I/Y,  Stefan Vincent, and a remix under Second State. Over the years of experimenting in a diverse array of projects, including ‘Twelve’ on the imprint Ploink – which rewarded him with a Norwegian Grammy –  Stian Balducci has found himself at home with his own imprint, Gråtone. Continuing with a passion for DJing and livesets, he takes his efforts both locally and internationally such as  in the Norwegian scene with grå, London’s Corsica Studios, Mosaique in St Petersburg, and DRUM in Eindhoven. Kjetil Jerve, with a genre-defying personality, is known both in and out of techno by an experimental mind of Jazz and avant-garde influence. Running the imprint Dugnad, he has an extensive discography across multiple outlets with three solo albums and fifteen albums in the improvised sphere. Playing out in unsuspecting venues across the world such as the legendary Nyege Nyege Festival in Uganda, Jerve has also been resident in Amsterdam, Nairobi, Wroclaw and Berlin.