We are back for a new episode and we are excited to present the 10 current favorite tracks of our very own curator of premieres: Paula Koski.   

Paula Koski has carved out a niche for herself with a multifaceted sound that ranges from ambient and experimental to richly layered dark, hypnotic and psychedelic techno. 

Finland-born, but Berlin-based, Paula projects her sense of aesthetics and composition into non-verbal tensional sound creations, always coming with a clear common thread.

As the head of premieres, Paula is one of the core members of team Monument. This position provides her a kaleidoscopic perspective on contemporary techno.

80xx – Creepr [PLUS 8]

Arthur Robert – Volatile [FIGURE]

Donato Dozzy & Cio D’Or – Menta [TIME TO EXPRESS]

Hitam – Fragmented [SECESSION]

Oisel – Proxima B [FLOAT RECORDS]

PRG/M – Ignea Bocca [SURE THING]

Skjöld – Stellar [EDIT SELECT]

Sleeparchive – Elephant Island [SLEEPARCHIVE]

Svreca – Ebisu (Dasha Rush Remix) [SEMANTICA]

Translate & Pulso – Diagonal Circuit [INGUMA RECORDS]