Jumping through countless textures of raw, hypnotic, and old-school-influenced design, Inland curates a special podcast to guide listeners through multiple styles for MNMT 305.

From Great Britain – now based in Berlin – Inland (also known by Ed Davenport), is distinguished for his unique blend of developed sound in his growing catalog. With past releases touching on deeper, minimal, and house grooves, Inland’s current sound often incorporates a blend of familiar elements with obscure textures and hypnotic themes. Inland’s work has received enthusiastic praise under notable labels such as Ostgut Ton, Infrastructure New York, and his own imprint, Counterchange.

Evolving as an artist, Inland has most recently taken keen interest into the Audio/Visual spectrum, merging complex sound design with equally stunning visual artistry. Performing in Lausanne (‘Somewhere’, 2014), Vienna (‘Iroojrilik’, 2017), and Mainz (‘An Invitation To Disappear’, 2018 while also composing soundtrack for additional video productions, Inland grows his scope of techno scounscapes in various mediums. Looking forward, Inland plans 4 promising releases on his imprint Counterchange from complimentary artists P. Lopez, John Gürtler, Jan Miserre, Shackleton, Stefan Alexis, and Efdemin.

During MNMT 305, Inland jumps from various styles to showcase a spectrum of expertise. Bouncing from familiar mid-2000 raw and garage-like rhythm to modern and cerebral techno, the near-2 hours consists of mind altering design, sure to show listeners 2 sides of a valued coin!

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