Hop into Sabine’s diverse set for MNMT 304 with features ranging from deep, lively, atmospheric, and percussive techno.

From Berlin, Sabine has grown from an assortment of unsuspecting genres to shape her musical journey. Touching upon hip hop, soul, funk, and crossover beats – to name a few – Sabine eventually found herself spinning vinyl shortly after discovering electronic music. Developing her passion has led Sabine to incorporate her deep twist on genres running from electro, Chicago & Detroit house, acid, funk, and breakbeats into her sets.

As Sabine founded “Frauengedeck,” her own promotion in Berlin focusing on all-female line-ups, she has received both domestic and international attention with some of Europe’s most cherished venues such as About Blank, Salon zur wilden Renate, Berghain Kantine, Griessmühle; including those in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia. For MNMT 304, Sabine Hoffmann shares her wide range of flavors in a cohesive manner, giving insight into various subgenres to explore. Beginning with strong ambiance to move and explore softer, deep techno, Sabine eventually peaks into the abrasive elements of percussive sounds in speedier types.

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