Enchanting and blissful, Eric Cloutier offers 2 hours of heavy textural soundscapes with methodical selections for listeners to fall into.

A classic curator and passionate soul for techno’s niche elements, Eric Cloutier, a Detroit native, found refuge in New York’s growing techno scene in his early 20s. Defining a direction and style through regular events at The Bunker, Eric Cloutier shaped his selective taste and keen mixing strategy to separate his sets and live performances. Eventually finding himself an export to Berlin’s underground and niche scene, Eric Cloutier continues to play under the city’s most treasured venues alongside the more obscure promotions.

In the past, Eric Cloutier’s style has met an array of descriptions – though defining his work to one does not do justice. Deep but highly danceable, hypnotic but still lively; contradictions seem to fit his preference. Eric Cloutier decided to extend the unique nature of his sound to his record label, Palinoia, in which an outlet opens up original work from him and peers of the genre.

During Klara’s LāsyaFestival, Eric Cloutier contributed a generous 2 hours of enchanting soundscape to fall into. An assortment of sounds ranging from textural bliss to foggy atmosphere, the set burns into areas over a long course. Including gems throughout, this is one to experience in sequence!

Credits to Dijana Dimitrievska for the graphic design or visual representation/coverage for the Lāsya Event.

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