Embarking into depths with paralyzing drones, encompassing atmosphere, and trippy textures, Klara performs a one-of-a-kind set for Lāsya Festival as part of her monthly show.

From North Macedonia, Klara came from a humble past of wide musical experimentation. Evolving from a young soprano singer embedded in classical music and into modern bands, she eventually found a medium in the world of psychedelic sound – exploring the contrast between technological and organic realms. Klara’s passion led her to DJ as a resident for Code-XX, an all-women crew responsible for North Macedonia’s most forward-thinking techno.

Upon beginning production, Klara eventually displayed her creations in live acts. First showcasing ambient work in a planetarium, she continued with an audio/visual project at the Macedonian Philharmonic Hall, and 18th Century Church. Outside of her live acts, Klara’s work has been released under deep and hypnotic techno’s respected labels such as Warok Music, Charybdis, Deep Electronics, and presented her music through a live act including unreleased-only works on the Hypnus Records – The Memoir.

During the Lāsya Festival, which is her own project, Klara constructs a unique blend of her deep influence with trippy sound. At times focusing on lighter techno compositions, the hour will also drag the listener into darker and more intense corners. To explore the medium between organic sound and synthetic creation, Klara merges the best of both worlds together. Hop in!

Credits to Dijana Dimitrievska for the graphic design or visual representation/coverage for the Lāsya Event.

The term Lāsya, in the context of Hindu mythology, describes the dance performed by Goddess Parvati as it expresses love, care, happiness and is filled with grace and beauty.  The Lāsya was the second phase of creation, in response to Shiva’s Tandava dance that gave birth to the Universe.  It combined to form the triad, “laya”, “pralaya” & “shunya” – the cyclic motion of things from resonance to dissolution, from stillness to movement, from sounds to silence and such represents the dialectical being-nonbeing-becoming. In a literal sense, Lāsya means softer, it is the divine feminine nature in all of us which manifests as beauty, happiness, enchanting, and grace.

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